nail spa discount ho chi minh city Be safe and sanitary with Ori! Use liner while getting pedicure!

    • Hands (25usd) 570,000 VND
    • Feet (42usd) 890,000 VND

    Multiple Choice: Collagen Mask Or Paraffin hot mask.

    Soaking luxurious lavender organic detoxifying crystal soak, naturally hydrating and antioxidant rich Agan oil sugar scrub will reduce calluses and banish dry skin. Lavender warm sensation gel mask help your muscle relax and restore dry skin. Organic massage cream with herbal extracts leaving the skin beautiful radiant. Lavender cream and Shea butter, vitamin b5 help muscular dystrophy, rejuvenate skin cell. Massage with hot rocks and moisturizer candle with coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E will help blood flow and Deeping your feet with lavender paraffin wax. 30min foot massage and 25min hands massage. Luxurious Lavender smell will clear your mind…so, what you waiting for?.75min 

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