nail spa discount ho chi minh city Be safe and sanitary with Ori! Use liner while getting pedicure!
  • Polish Change

    • (4usd) 90,000VND
    • French +90,000VND

    Cut, shape and  Regular Color

  • Nail Care

    • (7usd) 150,000VND

    Cut, Shape, Cuticle Care and moisture cuticle cream

  • Regular Manicure

    • (12usd) 250,000 VND
    • Collagen mask +30,000VND

     Cut, shape, Cuticle with 10 minute massage

  • Regular Pedicure

    • (16usd) 370,000 VND
    • Collagen mask +30,000VND

    Foot Soak, Cut, Shape, Heels work w pumice stone, Massage with creaming lotion + reg color.


    • (25usd) 560,000 VND

    Foot soak, cut, shape, cuticle care, heels work w pumice stone  soothing massage w creaming lotion, nail polish with OPI, Essie, DND and Cuccio

  • Spa Package

    • Mani (15usd) 340,000vnd
    • Pedi (23usd) 500,000vnd
    • Collagen mask +30,000vnd

    Cut, Shape, Cuticle Care, Callus Removal, Paraffin hot wax, Soothing massage with creaming lotion, ( hand, neck & shoulder massage) + reg color (+ 200k gel color)

  • Happy Feet

    • Mani ( 17 sud ) 390,000 vnđ
    • Pedi ( 25 usd ) 550,000 vnđ
    • Collagen Mask +30,000vnd


    Cut, Shape, Cuticle care and Shinny buff. Go with heels treatment with Pro Linc be natural callus remove gel, break down calluses in 2 minutes, Your feet will "happy" with orange sea salt gel scrub, and neck shoulder of foot massage with mango lotion.

  • Ori Organic

    • Mani: (20usd) 450,000VND
    • Pedi: (29usd )650,000vnd
    • Collagen mask +30,000vnd


    Highly recommended this combo! Luxuriate your feet in detoxifying & cleansing aromatherapy Dead Sea Salt. Perfection for softening and hydrating – Softens the skins with gentle exfoliation & hydrates the skin to restoring moisture with SPA Organic cream. SPA Organic mask natural antiseptic and astringent, helps to eliminate toxins and bacteria from the skin.  You will remember us with the perfect Ori 20 min creamy massage lotion.+reg color.(+200k gel color)

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